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“Back to Basics” tasting – Entry level whiskies

RCWS is growing…we are up to 33 members with an additional 2 who have committed.  A majority of the new members are either budding whisky enthusiast  or new to whisky altogether.  With that being the case, we decided to have a “Back to Basics” tasting.  Meaning, entry level whiskies from distilleries that do not have the … Continue reading »

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Looking for Bruichladdich Links Series “Royal Troon”

I am looking for Bruichladdich Links series “Royal Troon.”  Anyone know where I can get one?  I saw it on Amazon UK for 250 pounds, or roughly $400.   Wow, I am hoping to find it in the U.S. a lot cheaper.

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Red Breast 12 Year old Cask Strength

I promised I would comment on Red Breast 12 Year Old Cask Strength.  My first comment, this is my new favorite whiskey!

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Mark’s collection

It was that time.  Time to clean out my whisky cabinets.  Yes plural, I have two cabinets.  I have a fireplace in my family room and a 3 shelf cabinet on each side.  On one side is my”drinking whisky”. The other side is my collectibles and “top shelf.”  

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Single Malt’s from around the world

Tonight, 2/10/2012, RCWS is trying 5 single malts from around the world.  We will try Penderyn from Wales, Hakushu from Japan, Belgian Owl from Belgium, Amrut from India and Balcones from Texas.  I know, Texas isn’t a country, but try telling them that.  Stay tuned, we’ll have the results in a couple of day.

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A Review of Pig’s Nose – Soft and smooth as a pig’s nose

Blended scotch whiskies are a funny bunch.  A few bad ones can spoil it for the rest of them.   Too may people lump all blends into the Cutty Sark, Scorsby, and Clan MacGregor bunch, so it seems the good ones never get a chance.  Especially ones with peculiar names.

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A Review of The Glenrothes Select Reserve – good scotch for a good price

For the next several blogs I will be reviewing whisky that is affordable to everyone.  I will be looking at whiskies under $50.  Today, I review The Glenrothes Select Reserve. 

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A Review of Hibiki – A Japanese Blended Whisky

The Japanese sure do make some fine whisky.  Today, let’s try Hibiki – 12 year old.

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A Review of The Black Grouse

The Famous Grouse is one of the leading blended whiskies in Scotland.  What did they do to improve an already great product?

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Cardhu 12 Year Old Single Malt

Sorry it’s been awhile, but we are getting back into posting the whiskies we are trying.  I thought I would post about Cardhu 12 year old, a single malt scotch that is back on the U.S. market.

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