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Cardhu 12 Year Old Single Malt

Posted by on March 20, 2011

Sorry it’s been awhile, but we are getting back into posting the whiskies we are trying.  I thought I would post about Cardhu 12 year old, a single malt scotch that is back on the U.S. market.

I have known about Cardhu for awhile, but had not tried it, as it was not sold in the U.S.  So, I bought a bottle on Ebay, paid way too much now that it is available.   Even now, it is way overpriced on Ebay.  I was eager to try this, from what I read it was a very easy going dram.

Right away I noticed the coloring, a beautiful honey gold.  There are no markings on the bottle indicating whether it is non-chill filtered, so I am assuming coloring was added.

Nose: very light, fruits such a pineapples and grapes.  A very floral nose as well.

Palate:  Light, hints of nuts, hints of wood, hints of sweetness.   Very smooth malt with no water needed.  Absolutely no “alcohol burn.”

Finish:  Short, drying at the end.

This is bottled at 40%, which is a shame as I feel if bottled at a slightly higher alcohol content much more flavors would burst through.  Perhaps if it was non-chill filtered that would help as well.  This is not a bad dram. The flavors were there, just in a very subtle way.  This would be a great beginners malt, as no water is needed.  Even better yet, a dram on a day that is to hot for a “heavy single malt.”

At the Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis it goes for the mid $30, so that is not a bad price to pay.  I would give Cardhu an 82 out of a 100.


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