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Membership & Rules

RCWS Membership Rules:

Those seeking membership must understand that the RCWS is not a “drinking club”. Our tastings / meetings are guided by our love for whisky and camaraderie.

The Rules:

  • You must be invited by a current member.
  • New members will pay $25 initiation fee when signing up between Oct. 1 and Sept 1. They will begin paying annual dues the next Oct.1. Those signing up in September or October will simply pay the annual dues as their initiation fee.
  • Dues are $25 per year payable during the last quarter of the calendar year.
  • Upon joining you will be assigned a Member Number. At the start of your first full year you will receive a tasting glass with an etching of the RCWS logo and your member number. (Additional glasses can be ordered through the club.)
  • If you would like a lower member number, on vacated by an inactive member, the cost is an $80 (or more) bottle of whisky.
  • You must attend at least 2 (two) meetings, other than the Christmas Party, in the calendar year.
  • Expulsion from RCWS: Bring disgrace to the Society, act like a jerk or mistreat another member and you are out!!!

Membership Cap:

  • Membership will be capped at 50 active members…..with one exception (see below).
  • If a member fails to pay his annual dues in a timely manner he will be replaced with a new member. That new member will be given the next available Member Number.
  • Exception: Once the active membership reaches 50, the only new members allowed will be immediate family of an active member: Father, Son or Brother.

Tastings / Meetings:

  • Tastings / Meetings will be held every other month: March, May, July (Member’s Only), September, November and January (Holiday Party).
  • Cost to attend is $25 per person, except the Holiday Party, which is free.
  • Each member is allowed to bring a guest.
  • If you are inviting guests to a meeting you must also attend.

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