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A Review of Pig’s Nose – Soft and smooth as a pig’s nose

Posted by on June 5, 2011

Blended scotch whiskies are a funny bunch.  A few bad ones can spoil it for the rest of them.   Too may people lump all blends into the Cutty Sark, Scorsby, and Clan MacGregor bunch, so it seems the good ones never get a chance.  Especially ones with peculiar names.

I went to a tasting a couple of years ago and one of the drams was Pig’s Nose.  Boldly stated: Aged 5 years.  “Hmmph,” I thought, “I don’t think I’ll be buying that one tonight.”   Well I was wrong, I did buy a bottle and when I emptied it I bought another.  Yes, I like the scotch with the peculiar name.

The nose is spicy and malty, even bottled at 40%, the alcohol comes through.  The palate is deeper fruit notes and is much more bolder than the nose.  Hints of carmel come through as well as grains.  The finish is strong at first then dries off rather quickly.

Pig’s Nose is a young dram, but seems older than its age.  Don’t be mistaken, you won’t think this is a 30 year old blend, but for a five year old you will be surprised…pleasantly surprised.     I was told at the tasting that there are about 29 whiskies involved in this blend.

When this bottle goes, I’ll buy another.  In St. Louis, The Wine and Cheese Place sells it for about $33.   A great price for what you are getting.


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