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Annual Christmas Party

Posted by on January 30, 2019

RCWS tradition is to hold our annual Christmas Party in January. It gets us away from having to compete with company and family parties. This year we stuck with the tradition.

Our party last week was a tremendous success. Here is how the party works: Each member brings at least one unopened bottle of whisky (we coordinate this effort so not two bottles are the same). Each member brings great food to share. And each member brings a bunch of friends. These rules resulted in over 40 different bottles of whisky, over 80 friends and family members, and a bunch of great food.

This party, which kicks off the year, is when we induct new members. Erik B. was introduced as member #72. He has been on the waiting list since May of 2015 and has been a regular guest at the meetings.

The party was a blast and THANK YOU to everyone who came. And THANK YOU to Tom and Rob who arranged for the facility. It was perfect!

We have several great things we are working on for 2019. One is a collaborative effort with a local cigar lounge for a meeting in the fall. We have also spoken to a couple Missouri distilleries about presenting their products at one of our meetings. It’s going to be a great year!

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