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Member Appreciation

Posted by on July 21, 2016

Last week was our annual “Members Only – High Dollar” night. This is an evening each summer wherein Mark (the other #1) and I show our appreciation to the membership by bringing in  a bunch of giveaways and several more costly bottles of whisky that most of us would never purchase on our own.

Once again each member was given a rating sheet and asked to evaluate the spirit as well as rank it against the others. Here they are in order from least to most favorite, with a few tasting notes (prices include tax):


#6 – Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch, Rum Cask Finish, 21 Years Old, $188:

Tropical, Delicate, Very sweet, Spice builds through the drink, Medium finish, Smooth finish.


#5 – Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon, 2001 Edition, 14 Years Old, $163:

Strong, Surprisingly smooth, Great vanilla taste, “I don’t like bourbon. But I like this”, Taste of brown sugar, Long finish.


#3 (tie) – Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whisky, 21 Years Old, $314:

Taste of honey, Has a gentle bite, Taste of licorice, Sweet start, Dry finish, Spicy finish.


#3 (tie) – Cutty Sark Blended Scotch, Tam O’Shanter, 25 Years Old, $288:

Rich bold flavor, Smooth, Peat comes in nice, Very mellow, Taste of caramel, Awesome, Lingering finish.


#2 – Glenglassaugh Single Malt Scotch, Speyside, 33 Years Old, $334:

Taste of vanilla & Raisins, A drop of water truly brings out the flavors, Peppery, Fruity, Thick flavor, Flavor builds, Full flavor, Great long finish.


#1 – Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch, Speyside, Sherry Finish, 32 Years Old, $304:

Strong aroma, Fruit on the nose, Consistent throughout, Sugars and Vanilla, Subtle spiciness, Full finish.


It is a great experience when you can have a dram of whiskies that you may never see again.


After the tasting portion we drew names for the giveaways. I want to thank our friends at Leon Uniform for supplying us with a number of great items. They always come through. Please check out their web site (click here) or their showroom in Brentwood, MO.


Finally, with the recent police shootings throughout the country our region has not been exempt. On July 8th, Ballwin (MO) Police Officer Michael Flamion was shot during a late-morning traffic stop. Thankfully he is alive. But his injuries will last a life time. We had a special collection and our members donated over $550, which we will forward to Backstoppers (an organization established to support the families of killed or injured first responders in our region) for Michael’s support. THANK YOU, RCWS MEMBERS!!!!


Once again the River City Whisky Society has shown itself to be a great bunch of guys who care about each other, the community and great whisky.



Doug #1



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