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Paul Stulac Cigars

Posted by on April 7, 2016

imagesSeveral months ago I was smoking a cigar on the top deck of a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Other cigars smokers were also enjoying their sticks in this area we had been relegated to so as not to impose our smoke upon the other passengers.

And, as good cigar smokers do, we began to converse about the day, the cruise and the cigars we were each enjoying. It was there that I met, Ian, a retired gentleman from Canada. As we spoke I mentioned the River City Whisky Society. I told him about the tastings and the cigars we provide to the attendees at the tastings.

As the cruise went on we met at the “cigar lounge” a few more times. It was on one of those days that he mentioned his friend, Paul Stulac, and Paul’s line of cigars. Ian spoke highly of the cigars and said he would put me in contact with Paul to obtain some samples.

Paul and I did make contact and he was gracious enough to send a two different sizes of his White Blinding Light line to be sampled at the last tasting of the River City Whisky Society. The White Blinding Light is one of nine lines of Paul Stulac Cigars. It is constructed of s dark Ecuador Habano wrapper, a Sumatra binder and Nicaraguan filler.

We sampled the sticks at the tasting where they received great reviews. Also, with Paul’s blessing, I took them to a couple cigar lounges I frequent to get further opinion. Most all who tried the cigar had a very similar experience, which speaks to the consistency of the blend and construction of the cigar.

The cigars were well received by all. They were not as “strong” as the darkness of the wrapper might indicate. It is a mild to medium strength with gentle spices that do not overpower the taste buds. The flavor actually builds as you continue to smoke. The smoke was smooth and the cigar burned evenly throughout.

The While Blinding Light is an excellent cigar if you are looking for an easy, relaxing stick.

Paul, thank you for the cigars, the experience and for supporting the River City Whisky Society.


Doug #1

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