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March Tasting

Posted by on March 28, 2016

Lohr_Crest_Final_LogoThe March tasting of the River City Whisky Society was made great by Paul Lipske. Paul is a Trade Development Consultant with Lohr Wine and Spirits.  While setting up Paul’s visit to our tasting he gave me his business card. On the card, behind his name, is a series of letters describing titles and degrees that sound really impressive so we figured he had something good to offer. And he did not disappoint.

Paul, as a representative of Lohr, spent an hour and a half informing and entertaining our group. We tasted eight different whiskies. Paul put them in a specific order so as to present a different aspect of the whiskey that would build on the last. It was a stellar evening.

The whiskies consisted of five bourbons, two ryes and a Canadian Blend that took us by surprise. Here is the list, in no specific order:

Pendleton Canadian Blended Whisky – 10 years old

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon – 9 years old

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon – 8 years old

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon – Minimum 6 years old, Average is 7.5 years old

Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon – 8 years old

High West American Prairie – Combination of 6 year old and 10 year old bourbons

High West Double Rye – Combination of 2 year old and 16 year old ryes

Masterson’s Canadian Rye – 10 year old

As you can see we had a nice line-up for the tasting portion of the evening. We did rank these but mostly each attendee simply selected their favorite. One of the big “stand outs” was the Pendleton. It has great flavor and is very smooth, is a full 10 years old, and sells for under $20! And for a cheap bastXXX like myself, it’s perfect.

We also welcomed a new legacy member. Justin M., the brother of Jeff M. and son of Clark M., will be member #61. WELCOME!

Thanks to all who attended. Thanks to Lohr for making Paul available. And a huge thanks to Paul Lipske!



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