Review: Glenmorangie Ealanta

Member #23, Bill T., wrote the following review:

Galic for skilled and ingenious, Ealanta lives up to its billing. This vintage 1993 single malt scotch is aged in casks constructed from porous, white oak grown in Missouri’s Mark Twain forest and air-dried for two years. Unlike almost all other scotches, whose casks had been previously used to age bourbon or some other product, Ealanta matured in virgin casks. The thoughtful consideration of skilled craftsmen was invested in this Glenmorangie creation.

Two attributes are most noticeable in this whisky. First is its sweetness. This is a tasty, almost candy-like offering that should impress even those who affirm, “I don’t like scotch.” And although it is a bit sugary, it is not like some of the less pleasant syrup-whiskeys that are supposed to be a “comfort”. Ealanta is designed for scotch aficionados, but those whose tastes lean more towards fine bourbon also will appreciate it.

The next quality noticed is this spirit’s long, long finish. Let the whisky swish around your tongue and fill your mouth with flavor, and then savor it for fifteen or twenty seconds after it’s swallowed. It evolves from a sweet vanilla to that of a nutty almond desert.

At $102 Ealanta is on the pricy side, but many will find this fourth “Private Edition” offering from Glenmorangie to be a worthwhile investment.


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