$40-$50 Range Tasting

     Several members of the RCWS had a tasting with several non-members. We each brought a bottle of whisk(e)y priced between $40 and $50. The surprise of the night was a whiskey called J.J. Neukomm.

     It is distilled in St. Louis at Square One Brewery and Distillery from toasted barley malt and cherry wood smoked malt. It is then aged, for a short time, in small oak casks.  It is a good whiskey with a great flavor…a touch of fruity sweetness with the “oaky” taste from the cask. Well worth the price.

     Here are the rankings from the evening:

     1st Place (2-way tie):     Tomilton 12 Yr Old Scotch

                                               Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

     2nd Place:                       J.J. Neukomm Whiskey

     3rd Place (2-way tie):    Asyla by Compass Box

                                               Jefferson Reserve Bourbon

      4th Place:                       Russell Reserve 10Yr Old Whiskey

A few more notes:

     Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban - You can never go wrong with a Glenmorangie product

     Asyla by Compass Box – A good scotch with simple flavors. Perfect for the new scotch drinker.

     Jefferson Reserve Bourbon – A very smooth bourbon with a lot more flavor than most bourbons.

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