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Here Come the Irish!

Posted by on April 5, 2024

To celebrate St. Patricks Day, our March tastings generally have an Irish theme. Last month was no exception. We had a great line-up. But before I get to that I need to give a really big Thank You to Jeff and Dan of Brothers Beer & Bourbon (Sunset Hills, MO). They hosted our event and pulled out all the stops. From the snacks to the discounts, it was top notch. If you get a chance, stop in and say hi. They have a fantastic beer and whisky selection and the food is awesome!

Now, on to the tasting. We had 28 members and guests at this event. We were able to set up outside so our cigar smoking members were happy. Of the five Irish whiskies, three were at the minimum legal proof of 80 (40% ABV). For many of us that is too low. After dumping the aged whiskey from the barrel, the distiller will add water to get the proof down to 80, where they want that expression to be. After you have been tasting whiskey for many years you tend to look for a higher proof because the taste is in the alcohol. The more alcohol the bigger, bolder the taste.

With that said, the three expressions that were at 40% ABV are quality products, are very drinkable, and are easy to enjoy.

As usual, each taster wrote down a couple notes on each expression then ranked each. The following shows the ranking and a few of the notes:

5th Place: Bushmills 10 Year Old Single Malt (40% ABV)
Light on the nose, Taste of Dried fruit, Sweetness, Light & smooth, Very sweet, Medium finish, Easy on the palate.

4th Place: Bushmills 12 Year Old Single Malt (40% ABV)
Less sweet than the 10 yo, Taste of figs, Bit of apple & honey, Deep finish,

3rd Place: Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt (40% ABV)
Blackberry on the tongue, Bit of sherry comes through, Not too exciting for 16 yo, Short finish.

2nd Place: Writers Tears, Cask Strength, 2021 Ltd Ed., 1500 Btls Only, (54.2% ABV)
Heavy sherry on the tongue, Peppery, Cinnamon sugar, Full bodied, Long finish.

1st Place: Redbreast PX Edition Single Pot Still (46% ABV)
Chocolate taste, Sweet, Some caramel, Cherry on the back end, Reminds me of buttered biscuits, Really nice finish, Lingering sherry finish.

This was another fun tasting. A little bit about the 1st place winner, RedbreastThis distillery continually puts out great expressions. Their 12 Year Old is among the best Irish whiskies for under $100 and their Cask, worth the cost!

Here is a preview of our next tasting that we have titled.#1s. Each expression will have taken the top spot in an international tasting competition. Either number one overall or in its category!

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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