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Irish Night

Posted by on April 29, 2022

First, my apologies for the lateness of this post. We held this tasting in March, and as we approach the end of April, I realized that I did not do this write-up. So here we go…

In March the River City Whisky Society met for an Irish Whiskey tasting. (Notice the lack of an “e” in our club name the the presence of the “e” in Irish Whiskey. That is not a mistake. Look it up.) Each expression was very different from the others in both price and taste.

Additionally, the expression voted #1 received almost a perfect vote. Meaning at the end of the tasting each taster ranks the five expressions giving one point to their favorite and five points for their least favorite. The points for each expression are added up for their final score. We had 42 tasters and the #1 expressions received 47 points. Almost a perfect score.

The following is a list of the expressions, their ranking, and a few tasting notes and other comments:

FIFTH PLACE: Tullamore D.E.W. 12 Years Old, 40% ABV, $43
Light nose, Not very much taste, Fruity, Light vanilla taste, Dry spices, Very Average.

FOURTH PLACE: Bushmills 10 Years Old Irish Single Malt, 40% ABV, $40
Notes of melon on the nose, Light caramel taste, Smells better than it tastes, Toffee, Short finish.

THIRD PLACE: Glendalough Irish Mizunura Cask-Finished 7 Years Old, 46% ABV $90
Honey on the nose, Very unique, Chocolate and fruit taste, Somewhat musty taste, Funky finish.

SECOND PLACE: Powers Johns Lane, 46% ABV, $63
A fruity nose, Full flavor, Great chocolate taste, Smooth on the tongue, Dark cocoa, Burnt sugar, Long finish.

FIRST PLACE: Jameson Irish Bow Street 18 Years old, 55.1% ABV, $170
Very woody nose, Maple smell, Sweet, Toffee on the tongue, Gently spicy, Well balanced, Classic Irish!

Thank you to all the tasters who came out. It was another great night.



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