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World Whiskies

Posted by on November 1, 2021

The September meeting of the River City Whisky Society featured World Whiskies. We scoured the planet for expressions that we have not tried, with a couple coming from counties of origin that are generally not spoken of. For this tasting we sampled whisky from Ireland, Japan, America, Finland and Austria.

Over 30 tasters attended on this evening that brought beautiful the cigars were flowing along with the whisky.

Each expression was ranked against the others. The following are the ranking results along with a few comments from the tasters.

5th Place – Reisetbauer 7 yr old, From Austria, 43% ABV
Floral nose, Taste of raisins, Cocoa and figs on the palate, Too woody, Totally bad, The worst I have ever had, Funky finish.and not in a good way.

4th Place – Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky, From Finland
Light aroma, Nose of apple and honey, Not much flavor, Slightly floral, Notes of peat, Too scotchy, Good finish.

3rd Place – Teeling Small Batch, From Ireland, 46% ABV
Sweet aroma, Apples on the nose, Creamy texture, Toffee on the tongue, Very smooth, Spices on the finish.

2nd Place – Westland Sherry Wood, Single Malt From America, 46% ABV
A good sweetness on the nose, Good spice with a nice bite, Great vanilla taste, Merica!

1st Place – Yamazaki 12 yrs old, From Japan, 43% ABV
Fantastic nose of spices, Oily texture, Full body, Smooth citrus, Slightly peaty, Grassy notes, Great smooth finish, Very similar to scotch, Lingering finish.

This was an excellent tasting! Thanks to everyone who was in attendance.


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