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The Expensive Ones

Posted by on July 18, 2018

High Dollar Night….always a great night! This is also our annual Members-Only night. Each year Mark and I scour the country for the best deals that keep us at $1500 for five bottles. Actually, we generally only look in St Louis but this year we decided to check Chicagos Binnys Beverage Depot. (A great excuse to go to Chicago).

Our search ended with five expressions that included one bourbon, one Irish and three Scotch whiskys.

And, like last year, Leon Uniform Company ( sponsored the event by providing dozens of great give-aways for the members.

The members tasted and ranked each of the five. Here are the results, along with a few of their tasting notes:


Fifth Place: Mortloch, 18 Years Old, Single Malt Scotch, 43.4% ALC, $250

Very light, Earthy tones, Boring, Not much happening here, Even throughout,


Fourth Place: Glenfiddich Winter Storm, 21 Years Old, Single Malt Scotch, Ice Wine Cask Finish, 43% ALC, $300

Oily texture, Very smooth, Very sweet notes, Citrus on the tongue, Taste of peach, Finish is too short.


Third Place: Angels Envy Cask Strength, Bourbon, 62.25% ALC, $130

Big bite, Complex fruit flavors, Strong vanilla taste, Some pepper on the front end, Banana comes out in the end, Even long finish.


Second Place: Gelstons, 25 Years Old, Irish Whiskey, 52.4% ALC, $360 (Only 900 of 3000 bottles hit U.S.)

Great smell, Hints of nutmeg, Spices and cloves on the tongue, Finishes like a light scotch.


First Place: Highland Park The Dark, 17 Years Old, Single Malt Scotch, Matured in European Oak Sherry Butts, 52.9% ALC, $300

Smell of figs, Dry & smooth, Great light smokiness, Coffee taste with cinnamon, Much milder that the ALC would indicate, Fantastic lingering finish.


We, of course, finished the night with cigars a fun banter.


Doug #1

P.S. If you are looking for a cask strength bourbon and dont want to spend a bunch of money go for Bookers ($70) or Bulliet Barrel Strength ($60). Both are fantastic.


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