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A visit from Pinckney Bend

Posted by on December 5, 2017

The November tasting of the River City Whisky Society was a really good one. Ralph Haynes, of Pinckney Bend Distillery in New Haven (MO), came by with several of their expressions for us to try. We have had Pinckney Bend at our tastings in the past and they always do a great job so we were looking forward to trying their new expressions.

The first whiskey we sampled was their Rested American Whiskey. This comes at 100 proof and is simply good whiskey. The high corn percentage is mellowed by the aging process so you are not overpowered with sweetness. Speaking of the aging process..they are in a location right next to a set of very busy railroad tracks. Every time a train goes by is shakes everything. They say this agitates the whiskey in the barrel and helps this process. It makes sense. And their Rested American Whiskey tastes great.

We then sampled and aged corn whiskey that is not quite on the market yet. I have never been a fan of corn whiskey (which means the mash bill must contain at least 81% corn) but I will be buying this when I see it on the shelf. Sweet and smooth is the best way to describe this.

Then came the Rested American Whiskey finished in a sherry barrel. Now this is worth telling your friends about. You take the great taste of the Rested American Whiskey and add a few floral notes and BAM! Fantastic. This is a must for any well-rounded whiskey collection.

And finally, from Pinckney Bend, the Apple Ambush. Whiskey infused with the great taste of apple. The apple is the main taste here, but you will not forget that it is whiskey. Im not a flavored whiskey guy but I like apples and whiskey. SoIll convince myself that this is a health-conscious drink. But seriously, with winter coming, try this warm. Its a good one.

After Ralphs presentation he stuck around as we tried two rye whiskies. Pikesville Rye (from Heaven Hill) and Whiskey Acres Rye (from the Whiskey Acres Distillery in DeKalb, IL). The Pikesville is six years old and comes at 110 proof. This has great spiciness with a smooth texture. The Acres is 87 proof with no age statement. It has a punch to it and a great rye taste. It could probably due with a bit more aging but I would not hesitate to buy a bottle.

Thanks again to Ralph and Pinckney Bend. If you are ever in the New Haven are be sure to stop in at their distillery. You will love the atmosphere both at the distillery and in that quaint section of town.


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