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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Review – Jameson Irish Whiskey

Yesterday I bought a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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June 2011 Tasting

Our June tasting was attended by 16 people and our theme for the evening was “A Tour of Scotland”.

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A Review of Pig’s Nose – Soft and smooth as a pig’s nose

Blended scotch whiskies are a funny bunch.  A few bad ones can spoil it for the rest of them.   Too may people lump all blends into the Cutty Sark, Scorsby, and Clan MacGregor bunch, so it seems the good ones never get a chance.  Especially ones with peculiar names.

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A Review of The Glenrothes Select Reserve – good scotch for a good price

For the next several blogs I will be reviewing whisky that is affordable to everyone.  I will be looking at whiskies under $50.  Today, I review The Glenrothes Select Reserve. 

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