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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Coming soon. Tasting of Signatory 15 year old Ledaig

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A new bourbon coming to market…

Maker’s Mark is coming out with a new bourbon. It is so new that is does not even have a name yet. Actually it’s not a NEW bourbon…it is a different finish on their current bourbon.

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Mark’s Collection

Here is my collection as of Monday, January 18, 2010

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Where to buy liquor in St. Louis

Well, I think I have been to most of the larger liquor stores in St. Louis and without a doubt the best place, for both price and selection is

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Glen Ord 12 year old.

I am having Glen Ord 12 year old.  The original Glen Ord is hard to find in the U.S. and in fact, all the bottles I have bought have been from Ebay.  However, you can find some independent bottling of it.  I like this

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Upcoming Tastings

As Mark stated in an earlier post, the late March tasting is called “The Unusuals” and will incude  a number of whiskies that are from somewhere “off the beaten path”. That should be very interesting. For the next tasting,

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Next meeting 2/12. Irish and scotch under $30

The next meeting of the RCWS is Friday 2/12.  We will be trying scotch and Irish whiskey under $30.  So far my thoughts are Glenlivet ($29 at Costco), Chivas, Black Bottle (not the 10 year old), Speyburn.  Any other suggestions?  Remember, under $30 only.

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Thoughts of Connemara…from Robert T.

RCWS Member #9 submitted the following: “Every time I go to the whiskey tastings with Scotch and Irish Whiskey I always take the Irish Whiskey, I just like it best.

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A Chilly Night with Ben Nevis

My first taste of Ben Nevis was a 6 year old expression bottled in 1999 by Murry & McDavid. I was very impressed at how smooth it was for being so young. It quickly put me on the hunt for more.

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The Arran Single Malt – Bourbon Single Cask

The last tasting the RCWS had as it’s overall winner, by a landslide,  The Arran Malt – Lepando PX Brandy Finish.  Since I have three open bottles of The Arran Malt:  The classic 10 year old, Bourbon Single Cask, and Sherry Single Cask, I will give my thoughts on the bourbon finish.

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